Ha! Ha!

Twice in as many days.... I'm apparently going for a record, though God knows who's going to notice and give me my reward. (LOL) I ended up staying up entirely to late last night, or early depending on how you decide to look at it and have been sluggish and grumpy all day. My fault sure, that doesn't make the irritations less annoying, or sadly, the thought of my freedom as anymore alluring. Oh well, I made my bed now I have to lie in it.

I'm just getting ready to go out now, as I decided between yesterday afternoon and last night that I wanted to go out today so I made plans to meet with a couple of people from school (that being the University). Today though, predictably considering the time I went to bed, I'm not looking forward to seeing them all that much and that annoys me because I don't get to spend time with them a lot. I'm hoping that once I see them, and get a drink into my system, that my mood and my expectations of for the evening will get better, but I guess that's something I'll have to report back on!

In about ten minutes I'm going to get Obie up and tell him that I'm leaving (he's still working the 5am shifts and somedays they really knock him to his ass - today being one of those days) so I'm sure that by 6pm when I have to leave, he'll atleast be conscious. (hehehehe) Though I do like finding interesting ways of waking him up! :-}

See you again soon!!


Eddie said…
Hey keep up the writing. I know (very very well) that it can be a hard habit to stick to, but the storytelling helps us find the moments in life to remember that we'd otherwise forget.

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