Always Remember

November 11th is always a time of reflection. Or it should be.
You don’t have to be sad and cry, just take a moment and reflect. You don’t have to go to any ceremony, just think. You don’t have to share your thoughts, your feelings, your history, or whatever. Just remember.
Remember that while war protects, it ravages; it kills; it destroys.
Remember all the reasons that wars have been fought in the past, it’s successes and it’s failures.
Remember that whatever the reasons, wars are fought by men and women, just like you and me, who have families that still feel their loss.

This Hellish Week

I will be getting back to telling and sharing the story of Little Prince’s arrival soon but as you can imagine, as I’ve mentioned more than once, life – normal, day-to-day life – in the Corner Table House is hectic. Honestly hectic is putting it mildly, chaotic is fairly often a more accurate description. It’s a chaotic that Heli Dad and I have become accustomed to, and though every once in a while, we need a day (or even just a few hours) to stop, breathe, and regroup, it’s a state of being that we’re good with. It is simply our life.
Sometimes, and lately those ‘sometimes’ seem to be occurring far too frequent, our happily hectic, chaotic existence becomes something just barely shy of too-much-to-take. In some cases, those instances that push our limits are extremely happy ones: such as Little Sister’s recent wedding (which I will post separately about as soon as I have a chance) and the mini-mountain getaway we got to experience while attending that event. In other cases, happy doe…

Little Prince's Birth Story - Part 4

As I return to the telling of the story, this time I have nothing particularly deep to say as introduction. Knowing what to say and what to share, or what not to, is sometimes harder than I anticipated. I’ve written this blog and written about my kids and family for a long time. Yet in all that time I’m not sure that I’ve shared many things that have affected me so profoundly. Every one of my birthing experiences lives in my memory – with points of highlight that shine brightly in my mind – but this one, Little Prince’s birth, beats more strongly, its intensity blinding still and at times as fresh as though it were yesterday. Anyways... 
I lost track of all that was going on around me for a couple seconds here and there. I lost hold of Heli Dad’s hand as nurses, more than were originally present, surrounded me, and while at the same time the OB climbed right up on the bed with me. They worked together quickly for a couple minutes, shifting me this way and that physically trying to mane…

Little Prince's Birth Story - Part 3

I’m back to share more of the story of Little Prince’s birth. Life in the Corner Table House has always been busy and really, once you have a couple kids it’s pretty much impossible not to be busy all the time. Still, when I look at my schedule lately even I am shocked by just how much there is on that. Hopefully once Little Sister’s wedding is past (less than 2 weeks now!) my schedule and my days won’t seem quite so jam packed. In any case, as I said when I started, I’m back with more about Little Prince.
Before I continue I just want to say that there are some parts, some descriptions and portions of the story in this segment (and the next one too) that are sort of graphic. I’ve tried not to be too, too graphic but in some cases a bit of specific description is simply necessary. So, while I can’t say I’m sorry for the way I’ve chosen to share certain aspects, I will apologize if the amount of detail offends. Now, to continue…

Countdown, T-Minus...

This past spring, just after the Easter holiday in fact, Little Sister was somewhat shocked when Car Guy proposed. I say ‘somewhat’ because she’d been less then subtly hinting for, impatiently waiting, and half expecting a proposal for months. Literally months. But you know, when Car Guy finally did do it, it actually was a surprise to her which I suppose is, or was the intention.
Since then family discussions inevitably turn to wedding planning, wedding plans, and all other things wedding centered. Little Sister is the baby of the Farm Family after all and the last of us Farm Girls to get married. It’s also been 12 years since we’ve had a wedding (that one being mine and Heli Dad’s) in the Farm Family… though for us Corner Table folks, we just celebrated on the Fairest side with Lil’ Sis and Mech Man’s nuptials last August… As you can imagine this wedding is something of a BIG DEAL for all of us.
As with everything in this family, when we decide to do something we jump in with both fe…