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Back to School... Find Family Time

For most of the summer I continued to get up with Heli Dad in the mornings, simply to see him for a few minutes before he left for work for the day. Then I decided that if I only had a couple weeks left of summer holidays with the kids - aka: a couple weeks before I'd have to start getting the kids up and motivated in the mornings for school, I would spend them sleeping in. You know, mom sleeping in until 8:30 or 9am. 

This week with back to school (check out the Corner Table Kids hamming it up for their first day of school picture) I've slowly managed to get myself back to getting up before Heli Dad leaves for work, if only to give him a hug and kiss goodbye. Which he appreciates and it's something I've come to realize is really important too - because honestly somedays that hug and kiss is one of only a couple intimate moments we have throughout the day. We've only finished the first week of school but already I can see that there are days that I'm going to be…

What? Summer's Over!?!?!

Hey There Everybody!
It’s been a long summer… Okay, truth, some parts of the summer seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye, while other parts did seem to drag on. However, truly accurate descriptions of this summer would be – active, busy, fun.
July passed in a blink and was full to the brim, scratch that – overflowing with family activities, kid activities, friends, trips, and more. August, always an eventful month for the Corner Table Family, was also busy though I’m happy to say we were able to find a couple days here and there when we simply had nothing to do and could kick back and relax. But summer holidays are (as of tomorrow morning) officially over and we’re all going to be back to a regular schedule and able to focus on things, work or otherwise.

There will be a few feature changes on Ups, Downs, Ins & Outs – nothing major; a few simple changes in schedule or additions. Inside My Mind should see more regular postings – I’m hoping to start with weekly and then bump it up t…