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Getting to Here

At the onset of this pregnancy I joined a Mom's group for May 2017 Babies on Facebook. It's been a weird experience - there was nothing like it when I was pregnant with the older kids, and I have at times really appreciated being a part of it and at other times been very frustrated with it. One of the things I do truly enjoy is what we call our "Mom of the Day" posts, which is basically where we share our own personal stories about ourselves, our partners, our children, family and lives in general. It's actually been really fun learning about all these ladies across Canada who are sitting in the same pregnant boat (at roughly the same stage of things) even if we're all at different points in our lives otherwise. 
Recently it was my turn so I decided that I'd post here what I shared there. This blog is all about our family so I'm taking this chance to go right back to the beginning and sharing the basics of how we became the Corner Table Family. So...