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Our Newest Treasure

After all the waiting, both patient and impatiently, the baby is finally here!!!

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce to you all:

Helyn Saphira Marie
Our precious jewel ;) Born August 6, 2008 [08-06-08]
5:59pm 7lbs 12oz, 21 1/4 inches
(our biggest baby!)

As for information on the actual birth, for those of you who are interested... I mentioned in my last post I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday afternoon and when he checked me I was 3cm dilated. Now at this point [1:15pm] I wasn't actually having any contractions and by the end of the appointment he had made arrangements to induce me on Thursday morning - which would have been the 7th. I went from the doctors office to my mom's office to let her know how things had gone and to visit for a few minutes. By 2pm I'd started to have a few contractions but I didn't think too much about them as they weren't really all that different from what I'd been having for the last week or so.

By 2:30pm I …

calm? Calm? CALM?!?

That's right, it's August 6. I'm still at home and I'm still waiting to have this baby. For all my grumbling and whining about wanting to JUST HAVE THE BABY ALREADY! I am trying to be calm about the whole situation, I mean stress can't be good for the baby right?

You know, I get the whole "the baby will come when it's ready" thing but seriously if another person says that to me I don't think I should have to be held responsible for my actions. ;) It's one thing to understand it and it's another thing, completely, to have be told that 15 times a day by friends and family, or by complete strangers. To me, and I'm sure that most any woman who's pregnancy has extended beyond it's due date whether by a day or two weeks would agree, that it's far nicer to hear somebody say "I'm sure this must be difficult for you, but you hold on, it has to happen soon." And trust me, I know that to most people a couple days …

I Finally Cleaned Out the Camera :)

So here are just some random shots of the family over the last several months....

Some of Zack and/or Zona at home or on the move:

Camping in Taber in April

My only still photo from our Mother's Day trip to Edmonton

Arora's 4th Birthday Picnic and Party at the Ramada

The Canada Day Flooding on the Street in front of our house

From the Palmer Family Reunion (July) 2008 in Saskatchewan

It's Now Officially An Annoyance!

I'm uncomfortable. I'm cranky. I hurt.


I hate this. I've tried to be as good as I can about all of this, and sure I've complained to anyone who'll listen but I think we all know that I could have been a LOT more unpleasant about it. :) And if I don't have this baby right away you might all get to see just how much 'the bitch' I can be when I want to!!

But seriously, I'm still pregnant and you know for as much as I don't like this, and as uncomfortable, cranky and hurting as I am, I'm starting to feel more depressed than anything else the longer it takes to get it out.... precursor to a (more) serious case of the 'baby blues', I don't know, but I suppose only time will tell. Although, from everything I understand you actually have to have the baby BEFORE you can technically get the baby blues ;) LOL!

Anyways... I'm going to bed now (zzzzzzzzzzz) cause I'm actually REALLY tired tonight and h…