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And So It's Official!

I've mentioned several times over the last couple months (in my posts and on Facebook) that I've been planning and working on something (BIG) that was going to change a great many things for my family, my kids and husband, for myself and for the community/region that we live in...  I've said that an official announcement would be coming when I had certain things lined up and some other things sorted out...  I've made vague references and given hints...  
And now it's time!
So here's the story:  With so many years of experience, so much passion for the sports involved, and so much desire to share my interests and that passion with others in my community, I finally gathered my courage and am taking the leap.  Starting Fall 2013 my facility - Zephyr Athletic Arts Inc. - will be offering competitive and recreational programs in Gymnastics, Dance and All Star Cheerleading!  

As of now we can be found on Facebook and Twitter, though the center's website and blog wil…