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Heading off for the Weekend

Mid July with 30+ degree weather and what are we doing this weekend? Camping! That's right, we decided that we weren't quite melting at home in the heat and so we're going to go up to Waterton and evaporate in our tents.


We've somehow managed to get our entire family (and by that I mean the original 5 McGlenn's and all our offshoots) heading there for a few days. Mom and Dad took their trailer up on Wednesday afternoon and they'll get a campsite in town with electricity and water and everything, and that will be our 'home base.' Obie and I are heading up with the kids on Friday afternoon as soon as Obie gets home from work. Which should mean that we're out of the city by 3pm. Jen and Ed should be getting there with Amanda around 8 (or 9) which will give the kids a chance to play for a short while before it's off to bed for them!! Meagan's the last leg of the family train and she'll get to us before dinner on Saturday since she&…

Back Again with Canada Day Fun and Family BBQ Joy

Twice in two days and then nothing for more than a week.... that'll be about typical I'd say :) lol. Anyway I've found the time, finally, to put up some pictures and such from Canada and the family barbeque at the farm on July 2.

Canada Day this year was quite a relaxing day, if not hot as all Hades. We stayed mostly at home, though we did take the kids to the park for a little while. Most of the day we spent hanging out in the back yard. We pulled out the sprinkler and Rora managed a few runs through, whenever she managed to get dry from the last jaunt, or whenever she just wanted to pull someone else through the water too. That someone, was usually me :) and yes, I appreciated it even when I put up a fight.

Zack and Rora both spent some time pool hopping on the first as well, we just couldn't keep the sprinkler going all day long, and the boy really likes the water. Ever since we introduced him to the swim pool bath time has become a dangerous proposition. Ther…