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These Lazy Dayz

It's just that time of year again. At least for me. I can look around and see things that I should be doing; washing dishes, folding clothes, getting the oil in the car changed... I can also think of a lot of things that need to be done in the near future; getting the car fixed, detailed and ready to sell, buying a new bed for Arora and one for Zack, getting a new change table since the old one is (sorta) broken... But then I'll look out the window and everything is just grey and blah. Somedays it's even worse and yes, I'll admit, that somedays the sun does shine and it's almost tolerable to go outside - today is one of those days actually. But it's still BLAH!

For some reason February has always been like that for me. Somedays it's as cold and miserable as any winter day could possibly be and others it's almost spring like. We sit around for these 28, or 29, days on a cusp of time that is both winter and spring, and yet somehow, is neither. So I look ar…