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I Love My Kids


Our Adventures at Skating


The Birthday Party and Thanksgiving

The Boy is finally 5-years-old!!! I say finally because now that his birthday is over and done with for this year, I don’t have to listen to any more random “I want that for my birthday!” shouts.  (Of course, Christmas is just over 2 months away so before too much longer it’s going to be a chorus of “I want that for Christmas!” outbursts… Joy.)  But things worked out pretty well for the kid this year, he got what he needed, most of what he wanted and a few other things that not even he had thought of yet! From Cars stuff, Transformers stuff, clothes, crafts, and an actual Box Car, he was happily,  materialistically appeased and by the family and friends that managed to make the party he was very grateful.  

Special thanks to Auntie B, Uncle G, Cousin J, Cousin G, Auntie M, ‘Auntie’ D, Luke and kids, and Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa for coming to the movie and to eat and play!

Then we were off to Thanksgiving at the farm with the family.  It was, as is typical, a gigantic meal that reall…

My Weekend and Planning a Boy's BDay Party

So the Boy really wanted a party with  a Bouncy House-thing which, unless I were to rent just a bouncy house, means the YMCA… again.  There’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve attended parties there that were fun and done well, but last year when we had the Boy’s party there we were really dissatisfied with the service, accommodations and “games” that we received.  The kids still had fun but considering the vast differences between what we’d been promised and what we actually got, we didn’t feel we got our money’s worth.  So… no YMCA.

Instead the Boy and I discussed things and decided on doing a movie party.  He was especially stoked for the idea when we discovered that Cars 2 (the “most awesome and cool movie ever!”) would be playing! So details on how that all goes will come later… (only a couple more days!)
This last weekend I went to Edmonton and stayed with Jen and Ed (the “most awesome and cool” big sister and brother[in-law] ever!) and spent most of my Saturday and Sunday doing a co…