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What's Happening Now?

Ha Ha Ha... Not a whole lot! 
Obie is finally home for the winter, though there is some talk about a return trip to Fort McMurray before the holidays for another week of work. 
Winter has finally arrived, and with a vengence.  It's been snowing all week long.  Once it started, it just hasn't stopped.  Not really.  Though I think we might have had a few hours here and there when there weren't flakes falling.  I wish I could say that I'm happy to see the white stuff... And I sort of am, but the coldthat came with it just doesn't make me a happy camper.
Image via WikipediaAnd Christmas is coming.  (Obvious perhaps based on the whole SNOW thing!)  We visited Santa at the Festival of Lights last night with the kids and we're starting to get more and more Christmas requests everyday! Right now we are looking at bunkbeds, robot pets, dollhouses and toys, toys, toys...  Apparently Santa is going to be a busy, busy man!!
Till next time... Happy Winter and Happy Holidays!