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Happy 18th Birthday Meagan!!!!

I can vividly remember the day you were born. It seems oh, so long ago. And of course, I still have nightmares of the first 3 or 4 years of your life. I can honestly say that when you were that young, I really didn't like you. All you did was cry and I have a three-year-old now so I know that, that, isn't normal. It sucked!!

But eventually you got older, and with time you grew a bit taller, and you weren't quite as horrible as your behavior had initially made you seem. Do you remember when we actually put a line of masking tape down the middle of our bedroom to mark our sides????? Or how about the time you cut your hair and told mom I did it, so that I got in trouble???? When I got my own room you became infinitely more likable. :) Does that say something about you or me???

In any case, as we got older you became more than just my sister, you became my friend. We've shared a lot of things: from a bedroom to clothes, car crashes, drunken nights, secrets and adv…

An Ode to the Coffee Cup

My favorite little sister came over yesterday and brought us our gifts from Europe.... and ate our pizza.

While we all love our gifts and they are all cute and supremely appropriate for each of us, I think my present takes the cake :) Sure, Jen and I gave many laughing suggestions of what she should bring us back (i.e. the Crown Jewels - we did get a picture of those), I had mentioned that I really wanted something from Piza. I'm not sure that I'll ever actually be able to use it (one day I might try just for S&G) but I have to say that my present, my coffee cup, is probably the coolest thing Meagz could have brought me.

So here Meagan, this is my Ode to the Coffee Cup!!!You Rock Meagan, THANK YOU! (and since you already posted this for public consumption I'm going to put here too...)