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From the Mouths of Babes

Have I mentioned before that I really suck at posting blog updates?? If I haven't I probably should have... And even though I've got the third baby and could use having three kids as my excuse, though it is a valid reason, the biggest reason is just that when faced with a few minutes of free time I generally don't choose to spend it writing a blog :) I am however working on my Christmas update (will include a couple REALLY cute pictures) and I'll have that posted before too much longer but probably not before the weekend. This update is just a short one because Rory said something far too cute not to be memoralized. :D

She wandered upstairs (she's in her own room downstairs now) about half an hour ago, after finally waking up, and plopped down beside Zack on the floor to watch some cartoons. She had a scowl on her face and every time he tried to say something to her or I tried to talk to her, she would bark her reply to us, all grumpy like. Finally it just bec…