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So What's Up??

I just figured I'd stop by and say hi to everyone before the big holiday weekend really kicks off for me. I've been keeping myself busy and doing what I can to start getting ready for the new baby. Like I've said before, this baby is bringing a whole whack of other changes to our lives and it's actually been sort of scary. We've managed to get Arora used to sleeping downstairs and away from her brother. At this point Brenda and Chessenda (mother- and sister-in-law) are still down there as well, so it's not like she's all alone but at least she's used to the concept. Now I've just got to figure out how to get my 16-month old to sleep in a toddler bed without getting up and going exploring any time he feels like it; I'm trying to remember how I did it with Arora but of course she was 2-years old at the time and so far the method just isn't coming back to me. In any case I'm sure the entire thing is going to be an adventure and I'…