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Glad NOT To Be In The Tropics???

It's been three years since I've been on a real 'honest-to-goodnees', leave-the-country/province vacation, vacation. So when my parents told me they were going to the tropics again this February (and that they were taking Meagz with them) I was so jealous. Not just because it's been that long since I've really had a break, but because it's February in Alberta. [And if you don't know why that might be an issue for me, I'd suggest you look in an Almanac for historical average temperatures in the area.] I don't like the cold. I like snow, I think it's pretty and all, but I really don't like the cold. I like rain, probably the only reason that it didn't drive me crazy when I lived on the coast, but I really, really don't like the cold. So yeah, the tropics would be a lovely escape this time of year and you wouldn't be mistaken to say that I was green with envy.

That was of course 'till I heard from Meagz a couple days a…

For My Mommy Friends :)

I saw this on a friends site and had to post it here too!!!