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Late Update on Easter!!!!

Well, like I mentioned last time Jen and Ed came down Easter weekend for a visit and we got to play and talk and eat and play some more... And it was fantastic!!

On Saturday afternoon we all (Jen, Ed, Me, Obie, Zona, Zack, Meagan, Mom, Dad, Brandon and Danielle) went swimming at the Ramada and the wave pools. After swimming we went to Boston Pizza and had something to eat. Unfortunately we didn't really get any pictures from swimming or the restaurant (since there was no way I was taking my video camera into the pool:]) But we do have one shot of Zack at BP's that Jen took with her phone... Unfortunately I haven't got it but it's super cute cause he's in his high chair, with his arms folded and his head down on them - sleeping. I guess we tired him out.

Sunday we were all out at the farm (except for Obie, unfortunately he woke up early that morning with the flu and I made him stay home) and we had a good time playing out there. The kids got all hyped on candy …