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Countdown, T-Minus...

This past spring, just after the Easter holiday in fact, Little Sister was somewhat shocked when Car Guy proposed. I say ‘somewhat’ because she’d been less then subtly hinting for, impatiently waiting, and half expecting a proposal for months. Literally months. But you know, when Car Guy finally did do it, it actually was a surprise to her which I suppose is, or was the intention.
Since then family discussions inevitably turn to wedding planning, wedding plans, and all other things wedding centered. Little Sister is the baby of the Farm Family after all and the last of us Farm Girls to get married. It’s also been 12 years since we’ve had a wedding (that one being mine and Heli Dad’s) in the Farm Family… though for us Corner Table folks, we just celebrated on the Fairest side with Lil’ Sis and Mech Man’s nuptials last August… As you can imagine this wedding is something of a BIG DEAL for all of us.
As with everything in this family, when we decide to do something we jump in with both fe…

Little Prince's Birth Story - Part 2

Life has been busy this week with back to school and after working out my calendar for the rest of this month, busy is going to be the norm for the foreseeable future. Still, I’m okay with that. It’s difficult some days and there will be a few times this month where I will be seriously wishing I had a couple clones of myself but – such is life at the Corner Table House.
But back to the story. Where were we? Ah, right, I made it through Princess’s birthday party and we planned on spending the weekend together as a family…

Little Prince's Birth Story - Part 1

It took me nearly three months to be ready to really sit down and write out the story of our Little Prince’s arrival. And it’s taken me several more weeks to know what to say, where to start, how much to share. I had to ask myself whether the experience was something I was willing to share in depth or whether it was a thing to be glossed over and simply told in the briefest of tales. In the end it's a bit of both. I realized that I both want and need to share the story, but that simply because of the personal details, some portions may be very lightly brushed over. To begin, we have to go back…
The last time I posted (in the spring) I was sitting pretty at 2 months pre-due date. I was still in the stage of really enjoying pregnancy. I hadn’t really started stressing out about ‘being ready’ for the baby to arrive and was generally feeling good about everything. I was excited for our new arrival and just starting to seriously think about possible names for our coming bundle of joy.