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The Value of Keeping Your Promise

As I’ve mentioned multiple times over the past year or so, the Corner Table Kids are becoming increasingly busy with extracurricular sports and activities – both through school and through community organizations. Heli Dad and I support and encourage their interests. We want them to be interested, active, happy, and healthy. And yes, as a result, we are ever-increasingly busy. Some parts of the year we’ve got one Kid or another at practice, meetings, games or tournaments every day of the week, and some weekends too. 
Just this past Friday Angel Face and Princess both had games for their particular sports at the same exact time, but in two different towns… But you know what? We managed to get both of them where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, and though it required some extra communication and finagling of schedules with other family members, we did it. (Shout out and major thanks to Auntie Lil’ Sis and Uncle Mech Man!!)
We did it because when our children tell us that …

Another New Year and New Adventures to Come

The fall slipped past us all in a rush, filled with a variety of uncertainties, discoveries, excitement, fun and hope. We were busy - oh boy, were we busy, but our down time really was spent together and taking care of one another. We lucked out not to suffer to often or to greatly with any illnesses and despite some occasional aches and pains stemming from workplace or sport injuries, Heli Dad and all the kids made it through to the holiday season healthy, happy and intact. 
As for me… Well, I told you all last spring that Heli Dad and I had finally decided to take a leap and try to conceive again. In the end it didn’t take too terribly long for it to happen either. In early September we began to consider the possibility that we may be pregnant again and by the later half of the month we had it confirmed - we were indeed growing another addition to the family. Because of my history with early term miscarriages and rough pregnancies, we told no one except our closest family members, an…