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It seems like not too very long ago I was talking about how excited I was that Jen and Ed were coming home for Easter and then I told you all about some of the highlights of that very holiday weekend. It was also about that same time that I was talking about how Obie and I were looking at new van's for our (then) expanding family.

It's therefore hard for me to believe that it was actually a year ago.

But it has been... We've had our van for a whole year now (yep the free satellite radio just expired so we've got another cash cow to feed) and that Easter visit from the family is now turned around and we're expecting the encore. That's right, Jen and Ed are coming home for the holiday weekend again and once again, I'm very excited to see them.

This time we're having a girls night out on Friday. Us three Sisters and a couple 'select' friends are going to listen to music from our youths (you know NKOTB and other 90's groups) and then we're …