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Ha! Ha!

Twice in as many days.... I'm apparently going for a record, though God knows who's going to notice and give me my reward. (LOL) I ended up staying up entirely to late last night, or early depending on how you decide to look at it and have been sluggish and grumpy all day. My fault sure, that doesn't make the irritations less annoying, or sadly, the thought of my freedom as anymore alluring. Oh well, I made my bed now I have to lie in it.

I'm just getting ready to go out now, as I decided between yesterday afternoon and last night that I wanted to go out today so I made plans to meet with a couple of people from school (that being the University). Today though, predictably considering the time I went to bed, I'm not looking forward to seeing them all that much and that annoys me because I don't get to spend time with them a lot. I'm hoping that once I see them, and get a drink into my system, that my mood and my expectations of for the evening w…

This Tuesday

I probably shouldn't be starting a new blog considering my oh-so-random updates on my others but this one is bit different than those. This one's personal, it's about me, my family - immediate and extended, and so I think that I should be able to update and post a bit more frequently. I hope :} In any case, I've started it now so I might as well see how it does!

This past Sunday evening we, and by that I mean Obie and I and the kids, went over to one of our friends houses to get a look at their new baby. They had a boy on Father's Day (happy father's day indeed!) and he was named Jacob Andrew after his daddy. Obie and I decided we're going to call him Jake Jr., but then we have a tendency to name our children one thing and call them something else!

Since Rora is so used to babies now, seeing the newborn was like finding a new doll to play with for her but for Zack, Mommy and Daddy holding someone else's baby was infringing on his territory and he voi…