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Tales of the First Days

The Princess -           She started grade 2 this year and it didn’t seem to be all that interesting or note worthy of a first day.  She insisted that I walk her in, so that I could find her classroom and her locker for her, and then once she knew those basics it was “see ya later mom, get lost!”  And since day one (now 2 weeks past) she hasn’t wanted my interference or my assistance going in or coming out.  Except for that one day when the Mommy (yes, me!) forgot the schedule and didn’t show up to pick the Princess up from school and she received the stressed phone call from the school - “where the heck are you mom?”           Princess also started her gymnastics program again and again, I walked her in on the first day to make sure that she got to the right place to start.  It was almost embarrassing though, because honestly we get inside and then she turns to me and says “see! I didn’t die walking in.  You can go.  Now!”  And then on her second day, which was the Boy’s first, she pra…

This Weekend!

So after a couple of busy weeks, we're spending a busy weekend at the farm (off and on) for what is more or less a celebration of Dad's birthday.  Jen and Ed are down for the weekend, since they're abandoning us over Thanksgiving weekend, and thus - a weekend spent with the family at the farm.   I'm there right now in fact. :)  
I've missed having Jen and Ed around, and though I'm busy with my own life and they with theirs, so it's not like we'd spend all our time together even if they were still living in Lethbridge, there are times when I wish they still lived on Peigan and we could visit any time we wanted... even if it was just for a night of board games and drinks.  Or a movie, or TV show, and company.
It's nice that they live in Edmonton though too, since it gives us an excuse to get up there more often. (*cough* occasionally *cough*)  Still, an excuse to go to Edmonton to shop, visit, or whatever is always nice.
Also on the agenda this weekend..…

25 (Random) Things... About Me

Where Were You?

There are times and events in our lives that bring on moments of reflection where you ask yourself questions like “where were you?” or “what were you doing?”…  Today, I think, is one of those days.  And I think it always will be. Looking back through history there are dozens, if not, 100’s of events that occurred on September 11 that were important enough, relevant enough, to shape the world that existed at the time.  There have been natural disasters, important battles in distant times, the beginning of important architectural projects, the death of prominent world figures, even the development of new weapon platforms… Yet few events are remembered as well, or with the same level of feeling, as the terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001.  Even a decade later, the shockwaves of fear, pain, loss, love and terror that swept the nation, and the world, can still be felt whenever it is thought of. I can think back, and I don’t have to try too hard, and rem…

And We're Back To It

Here we are at the start of a new school year (grade 2 and Kindergarten for the Z’s) and we’re back to a schedule that gives us all a chance to fit in a little, wee, tiny bit of, what I like to call, “ME! Time.” And I really do mean it when I say it’s only a small amount of time.  But even that little bit of time is an awesome reprieve from the constant presence of the kids this summer.  Not that I’m complaining about not getting (or taking) an opportunity to pass them off for any appreciable time over July and August, but I’m sort of sorry that I didn’t. But now that schools back, that means that all the extra-curricular activities are starting again soon too.  The first of which is gymnastics, which starts next Monday.  And this year the Boy AND the Baby (& me) are joining the Princess in the gym.  Last year we also spent a lot of time running back and forth from the skating rink for both the Z’s lessons.  The Princess won’t be going back on the ice this year but the Boy is looki…