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Summer's Here!!!

It's amazing how differently you view things as an adult, as compared to when you were a child yourself. Summer holidays as a kid were blissful days of freedom. As an adult, as a parent, the summer "vacation" is a complete misnomer. It's not a vacation, not a holiday. It's more work then the rest of the year because while, sure, you don't have to drive kid A to dance class, kid D to soccer practice and you don't have to take kid K to flute lessons (all hypothetical 'kids' made up for this arguement) you have them around you allof the time! There is no 45-minute break from the rat-race while waiting for skating to be done. There is no free time for you to take a break. If you are at home, 99% of the time your kids are there too. And if you're leaving house for some reason, 99% of the time your kids are begging to come with you - if only so that they too can get out of the house for a bit. And folks, honest to God, it makes this whole sham of a …