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Well... Good Grief

In the 8 months since I last updated it’s sort of depressing to admit that not a lot has happened. There have been no GIANT changes in my life, or any of our lives, and in all honesty much is exactly the same.  Good or bad, I don’t know, but that’s the way it’s been. Still… 8 months is a long time to say nothing, even if nothing amazing has happened.  I did go back to work in January – as much because Obie was finally home for the winter and could watch the kids and take care of the “family” stuff, as any great need to.  I continued doing that throughout the winter, spring and early summer, but after the husband had gone back north to work (in early May) that became something of a challenge as I working grave-shifts so I ended up leaving that job in mid-July.  Now of course I’m looking for another job that accommodates my family life and availability, or something else that I can do.  Which is not an easy feat as many of you know. We actually managed to get away quite a few times this …