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The Ferris Winter Sport

Summer sports and activities have always been a cinch in our family - swimming, rafting, hiking, biking, camping, etc... There's never been a shortage of things to do or new things to try during the summer.  But Winter - those long, cold months that (especially in Canada) can seem to stretch endlessly on, have consistently posed a problem.

The kids enjoy tobogganing, especially at the farm, and sledding usually includes some minor fort and snowman building, but that only uses up a couple hours and while it can be fun Heli Dad and I only enjoy this type of cold day play for short bursts.  Not to mention that the kids inevitably argue over the best sleds, the best method of building a snow home, or the correct and best way to accessorize the snow people.  And those are just arguments that neither Heli Dad or I want to stick our (by then) freezing noses into.

We've tried ice skating... A couple times.  Princess liked it right off.  Gamer Boy eventually decided it wasn't bad, ev…

Christmas & New Years Highlights

Every year at Christmastime we spend a great deal of time with our families. This past Christmas was no different.  Our first celebration of the year is always with Heli Dad's side of the family.  This day is always fun and the kids especially always love it, as all the cousins that have been of an age to play with are on this side.  It was a day of fun conversation and planning get-togethers for the coming year and more!

For several days before Christmas the kids and I went through bins and bins of clothes that we've "put away" to give away at some point.  That point finally came (as it hadn't at any time in the past) and we gave tons of clothes away to charity.  Both the kids and I were amazed by how much there was to give away, and hope that everything passed on will find a new home with someone who will appreciate it.

We made/started a new tradition this year of decorating the tree (with the hanging d├ęcor) on Christmas Eve.  In the past Heli Dad and I have alwa…