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The Long Complicated Answer

So it's time for another post and my big sister gave me the means for this one, when she asked me a question on Facebook today...

She asked:  "So how's this transition back into academic life treating you?"

And my answer is:
The school part is mostly okay - my classes are great but there is, obviously, a lot of reading and work involved and finding the time to do it is difficult... I'm really liking being back at school. It's nice to be able to sit and listen to an adult speak about something that I'm interested in, and having conversations with other 'big people' is wonderful too (instead of just kids all the time).

At the same time, the whole process is just that bit more difficult because I can't do my reading or work when I'm alone with the kids, and that is most of the week. Fortunatley mom has been taking Za&S to the farm overnight on Mondays and Wednesdays - so I usually end up at the University until at least 1am those nights do…

Just an Update

So a full month of school has gone by (for both Zona and myself) and things are looking good.  Zona hasn't had any major problems for the last couple weeks and for that I am honestly and immensely grateful! For me, I've done a few assignments and I am just gearing up to write my first round of "mid-terms" in the next week. But things are actually good, and I'm not too worried about the tests - they'll be hard, but I'm prepared for that and think I'll do pretty well on them.  So YAY!

As for everyone else... Saphira is walking all over and babbling all the time, and generally just getting into everything and in everyone's way.  She and Zack play really well together, which is good since they spend the most time together.  Of course, she's still growing like a weed.  Personally I think she'll end up taller then Zona. (I'm not sure where Zack will fit in though, I hope he'll be taller then the girls... I guess all I can do there is wait…