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Looking in the Corner

I don’t know when I became one of those people who are unable to focus on and successfully work at more than one thing at a time… maybe I’ve always been that way.Maybe I’m just lazy.Maybe I wanted to believe that one thing, one outside thing, could make me as happy as the things and stories that go on inside of my head.
For a while I think that it did.
For a while it fulfilled me in a way that only writing and dance was ever able to.
Then I don’t know what happened.Well I guess that’s not entirely true, I do know what happened.It’s just not something that I can really talk about or explain here. (Legally binding contracts and all that…)
And now I’ve spent the last couple of months so – angry? Disillusioned? Depressed.That’s my fault though, and I know it.I’ve known it all along; I just, I would rather have someone else to blame.It’s stupid and it’s dangerous to pin all your hopes, all your happiness (even if it’s just external happiness) on something that, while you have some control ov…