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A New Year and New Changes

It's 2008. That in itself is a change. The whole rolling over from 2007 to 2008 and remembering to put the right year on things. Sometimes it's a big deal. We had a New Year's Party this year at our house, it's something we haven't done before (for just our friends and stuff, not for our family) and we had a good time. For the week or so before that things at our house were a little touch and go for all of us and I have to be really honest and admit that if it weren't for Chessenda staying with us, my children probably wouldn't have survived that week. Three days in bed and a week without food, or even water really, does a number on a person.

Again, in all honesty it had crossed my mind about the 22nd (of December) that I might be pregnant. But it wasn't something that I wanted to have to deal with, with everything else that was going on. Christmas, Jen and Ed being home, the New Year's party.... Of course ignoring it ended up being probably…