Back Again with Canada Day Fun and Family BBQ Joy

Twice in two days and then nothing for more than a week.... that'll be about typical I'd say :) lol. Anyway I've found the time, finally, to put up some pictures and such from Canada and the family barbeque at the farm on July 2.

Canada Day this year was quite a relaxing day, if not hot as all Hades. We stayed mostly at home, though we did take the kids to the park for a little while. Most of the day we spent hanging out in the back yard. We pulled out the sprinkler and Rora managed a few runs through, whenever she managed to get dry from the last jaunt, or whenever she just wanted to pull someone else through the water too. That someone, was usually me :) and yes, I appreciated it even when I put up a fight.

Zack and Rora both spent some time pool hopping on the first as well, we just couldn't keep the sprinkler going all day long, and the boy really likes the water. Ever since we introduced him to the swim pool bath time has become a dangerous proposition. There's nothing like a madly kicking, soaking wet, naked baby slithering through your fingers. It's a chore, and a pain, but it's a blast and half in hindsight!

July 2 is our Uncle Donny's birthday. Yep, every year like clock work, whether he likes it or not. And this year we had a barbeque at the farm to say "Happy Birthday!" and also to give the whole family a chance to see Amanda again. Mandy is Ed's daughter from a previous relationship and she arrived at the end of June to spend one whole month with her dad and step-mom. The kids were ecstatic to see each other again, though I'd doubt if Arora actually remembered who Amanda was, and they all played together for hours at the farm. It was good to get all of us in one place again, though we often have family dinners it's not always possible for everyone to make it, and for us to be able to catch up with each other.

After the holiday, it was nice to spend a couple days at home even though the temperatures soared and the kids ended up spending most of that time in nothing but their diapers or swim suits. While we live in the city we are fortunate to have a fairly good sized back yard that we can let the kids play in and we've got a kiddie pool and a larger inflatable pool also that Arora likes to use when friends come over (it's got a 'waterslide' and sprays water out of the sides and everything). Zack is pretty good in the pool but until we cure him of his addiction to grass and dirt he spends most of his outdoor time chillin' in his exersaucer or hanging out in his playpen in the shade. We've got a nice, if slightly beat up, patio and our patio furniture is nice to hang out in cause it 'breathes'! I anticipate spending lots and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, etc, etc, of time in our backyard this year. Oh well, at least I'm not pregnant this year ;)

Till next time.... have fun, be safe, and stay cool!!


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