Back to the Daily Grind

I almost hate to admit it, but yes... I'm back to work as of 3pm this afternoon.

The first day wasn't too bad since I've got to go through training again before they'll put be back to any real use. The first three or four hours were so horribly boring though that I wanted to gouge my eyes out with spoons. After that I think the coffee I had during my lunch break kicked in and things seemed to pick up! Thank God!!!

Ah well...

7.5 hours in and I'm already dreading having to stay for any long period of time. The only plus that I can discern is that since I'm not a newbie and I've already got 6 months under my belt I'm able to apply almost right away for promotions!! If I do well for about three weeks, I should be able to get a position in the supervisor training program. There is a pay raise for that position and then another if you actually get a supervising position. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed come that time.... Cause really, I don't want to spend forever taking customer service calls!!

For now, that's all I've got!


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