Despite Best Intentions

Have you noticed that in general, every day life, we all tend to leave important things to the last minute? Or we start projects weeks, even months, in advance and then only manage to finish them with days to spare? It's one of the constants in my days, and if either of my sisters (or in-laws) read this I think they'll know exactly what I'm talking about. :)

I'm sure that I'm worse than most people with this phenomena of procrastination and general off-putting in my life. I'm often scatterbrained. I like to say, and I got it from my dad, that "I've got a good memory, it's just short." I have a thing for faces and numbers but remembering the name that goes with them is in most cases beyond me. I have great aspirations for craft projects or home-improvements but implementing and completing them becomes a problem. I'm forgetful. Not intentionally, I try to remember, but for a lot of things if I don't write down what it is that I need to do or remember, it just slides right out of my mind. I distract easily, that goes hand in hand with being scatterbrained but also meshes often with being forgetful. I just forget what I'm doing if something else catches my eye and then I never get back to the first thing.

Maybe I've got ADD or something? Though, I don't think thats necessarily true either. I can have a single minded determination to do things and get them done. Sometimes I'll be working on something and the rest of the world, and all the people in it, fades away. Or maybe I've developed this skill because I procrastinate to the point where I have to escape into a single task, and forget everything else, in order to get it done when it's required.

Who knows, but every task I begin, or every idea I beget, I always have the best intentions of doing them, doing them well and getting them done right away... But isn't there a saying? "The road to Hell is oft paved with good intentions." Or something like that.


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