The Month of Fall Has Come

September has come and with it, the month brings many things. Labor Day (because hey a long weekend is always great), school, my Dad's birthday, the end of harvest and the beginning of Fall. That's right my friends and family, FALL!!!!!! The season of vibrant warm colors, cool, but not cold temperatures, Thanksgiving and Halloween, Mom and Dad's anniversary (the big 3-0 this year), pumpkin pie, turkey and masses of candy.

Need I really say more?

This year we add in Zack's first birthday (yeah!!) and me going back to work.... okay so that's not a wonderful thing to be happy and celebratory about but it's something that September has brought me. Hehehehehe. I may not be looking forward to it, I may even resent having to go and end up missing milestones in the kids lives but as generally happens when you never have enough of it, it all comes down to money!

So I start working again on Tuesday (only three more days of freedom for me) and the kids will be going back to the babysitters for a couple hours a day. And here, once more, is another fact of life: you must spend money (pay the babysitter) to make money (get a paycheck from work). I'm only going back part-time because I just don't want to be away from the kids for 40+ hours a week and what do you know? I'll be making more than I've been getting from EI for my mat. leave and all my child bene's combined... now isn't that retarded? The benefits and maternity leave are supposed to provide for you so that you can spend time with your new born and you end up living on the edge of poverty for whatever time you end up taking advantage of the time off. Stupid. But at least you get to spend that time with your kid, which personally I would say is better than nothing.

Blah! I just came on to jot a note about the marvelous, greatness that is fall (have you been able to figure out that fall is my favorite season?) and I end up ranting about, um, things that are bothering me... I'll leave it at that because if I start at it again, I'll likely keep going for another 500 words, and well, no one - least of all me - wants to hear about it.

Happy September Everyone, and oh, Welcome Fall!!!!!


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