As Unexciting As I Could Possibly Be

Nearly three weeks since my last post and I really haven't done all that much, at least nothing much of which is note worthy.

I did quit my job... three weeks ago.

Since then I've perused a number of different options as to what I'll do now to pay the bills and what not. I have actually applied for a number of positions. But I haven't heard anything back. Yet. I'm not too worried. Yet.

Arora is mostly potty trained. And please note the emphasis in that sentence. She is still wearing her pull-ups daily and each night, but she actually isn't having any leaks or accidents.

Of course the whole "go potty in the toilet and you get a treat!" bribe might have something to do with it. Maybe. Probably. The only really annoying, and somewhat disturbing, thing is that apparently she needs an audience in order to go #2 (and yes for all those who can't remember that's not just going piddle). To say the least, it's not my favorite part of the day.

But can you really blame me? I didn't think so.

Zack has 8 teeth. Or at least, part of eight teeth. Of course the distribution of said teeth is sadly uneven. That's right, six up top and only two, lonely teeth on the bottom. I don't know why but the top ones just keep coming in and nothings happening down below. It's sort of cute, although now we can't call him Beaver.

I went shopping in Calgary. I got some new clothes, well, shirts. And a couple of sweaters. And a book on mythology. I haven't started reading that one yet.

Seriously though, other than that, there has been absolutely nothing new in my life in the last three weeks. Sorta sad, huh? Oh well, not everyone lives an overly exciting life and quite obviously I am not of the number who does. Cause really? The most exciting things to note: quit my job and went shopping. Fun....


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