A Quickie!

So here's an update on the whole oven/stove issue.

Allow me to briefly describe the conversation I had with my mom...

Me: It worked before and now it doesn't. It's broken. (somewhat paraphrased)
Mom: Check the fuses.
Me: I will, but I'd rather have a new one.
Mom: And if that's not it then replace the elements.
Me: I will. But I'd really prefer a new one.
Mom: Dad will be home on the weekend I'm sure he'd could look at it for you, if you need him too. (that one's somewhat paraphrased too but that's the gist of what she said)
Me: He can. But I'd REALLY rather have a new one. For Christmas and all. (and I smiled sweetly even though she couldn't actually see it since we were on the phone!)
Mom: It can probably be fixed.
Me: Probably. Though I'd REALLY just like to get a NEW ONE!
Mom: If it can't be fixed, we'll see.
Me: (and I'm smiling really big now) Since it's Christmas and all?
Mom: Yeah, Christmas.

Somehow, I think that my oven will be repaired before a week is out. Though on the plus side, she didn't, absolutely, say no... Right?


Dallas said…
lol, LOVE the conversation! ha ha, good try, at least it gives your mom something to think about right?! hee hee!
The Johnston's said…
LOL! Love the suttle hints! DId you get a new one? Hope so!

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