Hi There and Welcome to the Corner Table!

When I began A Corner Table in My World I really didn't know how things would evolve. I had no idea how our family both the immediate and the extended would grow, change or what shape we'd all be in down the road. I still don't. But what I do know is that I look forward to watching it adapt. 

I named this blog about my family "A Corner Table in My World" for a variety of reasons. 

For one, from a corner table you can see everything going on around you in the room. As the main concept behind the blog was to talk about all the happenings within my family the name seemed apt. 

Another, slightly silly, reason was because inevitably when going to our favorite restaurants for dinner as a family we'd always request to be sat in a corner table booth. (This is a great way to trap contain young children at a table while dining out, for those interested!) However many years down the road and when we go to our favorite restaurants now, we're almost always shown, without asking, to "our" corner table. 

As time passed we became the Corner Table Family, the Corner Table Kids. It was a unique and cute way to talk/write about us. We became "Writer Mom" and "Heli Dad" with our nicknamed kids, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other extended family members. And boy, has the family grown! 

Even though I posted a list of family "characters" in February 2016, that list already needs to be updated. And will have a few more updates over the next couple years as my generations family continue to grow. So right now it's early August 2017 and here's the family... 

The Corner Table Family

It all had to start somewhere right? 

So here we are: Heli Dad and Writer Mom. This is maybe not the most beautiful photo of the two of us... but it's a pretty good representation of who we are. We've been together so long - more then 1/2 our lives already! - that if we couldn't find the fun in our lives we'd very likely be sunk. Fortunately for me, I married a guy who excels at fun and does his damnedest to make sure I embrace it for myself once in a while too. 

Heli Dad & Writer Mom

And our family? The Corner Table Kids... They are quite simply the brightest lights of our lives. 

Princess is now a teenager and has hit the stage where she either doesn't want photos of herself taken, or wants only exquisitely beautiful ones kept and shared. This was just a random, off the cuff snapshot of her (taken by an aunt) at her birthday party, but for a newly turned 13 year old I can't help but find her simply gorgeous. 
Gamer Boy
At nearly 11 years old, Gamer Boy is at the awkward age of still wanting to be a "little kid" while also wanting to considered old enough to do more "grown up" things. And is it just me (please tell me it's not just me?) or do kids seem to get to those more grown up things way too quickly these days? Still, this kid simply makes me smile, effortlessly, every single day - whether it's the completely natural way he helps out around the house, the way he'll randomly give me a hug, kiss or tell me that he loves me, or the way he talks to and about his friends, he just melts my heart. And you can't deny that when a kid steals your phone to take a selfie of himself (like this one) so that you won't forget what he looks like while he's at school all day, you've got yourself somebody special. 
Angel Face
For so long Angel Face was the baby of the family. I don't think she ever expected us to have more kids and she adored her status as our baby. But this 9 year old beauty is one of the most loving, most caring big sisters that I've ever seen - tied obviously with her own big sister! And this despite her immediate reaction, upon being told we were having another baby, that we were "ruining her life!" Now if she's not playing on the computer, with her dolls, or drawing - she's cuddling or playing with the new baby of the family. 
Little Prince
Of all our children, this one was the most planned for, the one most anticipated and most anxiously awaited - not because we love him more then the others, but because the others all looked forward to his arrival nearly as much (if not more at times) then we did! His story is one that I'll be sharing piece by piece over the next months, but for now let's just say that every day with him is a blessing. Like his older brother I can't help but smile (and melt a little more) when I look at this handsome face. Each one of his older siblings claims him as "their" baby - and don't get me started on Heli Dad's antics right now - but since the very moment they met, he and his biggest sister have been like two peas in a pod so it's shouldn't be too surprising that we've dubbed him: Little Prince.  

But Wait... There're MORE!

Writer Mom's Family - aka The Farm Family
Grandma & Grandpa ... My Mom & Dad, the heart of the Farm Family
Farm Pets include (but are not limited to) a variety of Cats, Kittens and Strays
Big Sis & Bro ... my older sister and her hubby 
Their Kids: Big Babe, HG & Genie 
Little Sister & Car Guy ... my younger sister and her fiance (his name is still evolving!)
Their Pet: Juno (dog)

Heli Dad's Family - aka the Fairest Family
Grams ... his Mom 
Her Pet: Bella (dog) 
Pic Sis & G-Man ... his older sister and her husband 
Their Kids: J-Man & The Girl
Their Pets: various rescued Greyhounds 
Lil' Sis & Mech Man ... his younger sister and her husband 
Their Pets: Riley & Cali (dogs) 

Other Family That Makes Random Appearances in Our Lives 
Auntie Ell ... my aunt 
VanDani ... my cousin
Fly Guy ... VanDani's boyfriend 
B (formerly B-Boy) ... my cousin 
Tina ... B's girlfriend
Uncle Gruff ... my uncle
Uncle Grumble ... another of my uncles 
Farmer D ... my cousin that works the farm with Grandpa 

There are more. LOTS more. If they come up in a post or story, I'll add them to the list. 

This family of ours has grown tremendously since Heli Dad and I first started dating. The extended families have practically blown up. It can be pretty chaotic at times and crazy at others. Moments of calm are pretty few and far between. But really that's just how we like it.

So welcome. Pull up a chair. And enjoy our Corner Table view and antics.


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