Late Update on Easter!!!!

Well, like I mentioned last time Jen and Ed came down Easter weekend for a visit and we got to play and talk and eat and play some more... And it was fantastic!!

On Saturday afternoon we all (Jen, Ed, Me, Obie, Zona, Zack, Meagan, Mom, Dad, Brandon and Danielle) went swimming at the Ramada and the wave pools. After swimming we went to Boston Pizza and had something to eat.
Unfortunately we didn't really get any pictures from swimming or the restaurant (since there was no way I was taking my video camera into the pool:]) But we do have one shot of Zack at BP's that Jen took with her phone... Unfortunately I haven't got it but it's super cute cause he's in his high chair, with his arms folded and his head down on them - sleeping. I guess we tired him out.

Sunday we were all out at the farm (except for Obie, unfortunately he woke up early that morning with the flu and I made him stay home) and we had a good time playing out there. The kids got all hyped on candy - and I did a bit too since I'm obviously not able to imbibe in the adult drinks, and I think Rory and Zack had fun leading us around outside trying to find all the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. And let me just put in that, either the whole 'egg hunt' thing is way more exciting and fun when you're a kid, or the wily rabbit that hides the eggs at the farm has been slipping in both skill and enthusiasm for the last couple years. I'm not sure, but I know that if I brought the issue up for discussion with Big Ears I'm sure I'd be told that if I've got any complaints I can do it myself next year.... And I don't want to throw myself on those specific coals just yet. ;) For me, I was just happy to watch the kids and then take all the candy away.

Us 'grown-up-kids' played Rockband on Ed's XBox 360 for, well, most of the day. It was a lot of fun to be able to just hang out and relax and enjoy each other, while not really doing anything at all. Of course Jen, Meagan and I all took our turns helping mom with something in the kitchen for dinner which turned out to be really good. Or maybe it just seemed extra good to me since I didn't get to enjoy Christmas dinner at all, being as sick as I was?.. And all of us had to take our turn at playing with the kids and allowing them to 'entertain' us. I don't think I can say how much fun we had, or how great it was to spend time with everyone again without someone wanting to beat me with a large stick for being so repetitive. But I think, more even than at Christmas time, we all enjoyed it so much more because it's a rarity now.

Once again I think it's shown us how much we took for granted that we'd all, always live close to one another. I'm glad that Jen and Ed are doing so well in Edmonton, and I'm so happy that they are actually enjoying themselves and putting themselves out there in new situations that they maybe wouldn't have if they were still here. I'm happy for them period and I'm looking forward to going up to see them in May and seeing their apartment and having them take us out to the 'great restaurants' that they've found... But I miss them. So as repetitive and annoying as it sounds, I had so much fun when they were here for Easter and I'm already looking forward to the next time we get to see them :)


Dallas said…
sounds like you all had a great time. i can't believe how 'grown up' Danielle is! OMG! it's hard enough thinkin that Megan is in college!! yikes... it's funny how much you really do take for granted when your family is close. i never for a second thought through school that i'd miss my siblings when we lived apart but it is hard. kenny is now in the hat, chrystal's up in edson and me, well i'm somewhere in the middle lol. but it is nice when we get a chance to all get together at the same time, which the last time would have been kennys wedding... sad, i know. chow.

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