Time Flies When You're...

It's been a long time. Another two months :) A lot has happened and changed, and a lot of things are just the same.

We bought a mini-van. A shiny black one. It's a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, with the 'swivel-n-go' option. For the most part the rest of it is standard to what all the Caravan's have nowadays but the swivel-n-go is something that is really nice to have. Especially when you've got a 4-year old, a 20-month old and you decide to go on a 5-hour (one way) road trip. Which we did.

On Mother's Day weekend we (being Obie and I and the kids) packed up the van, and tossed Grandma and Grandpa McGlenn in for fun, and drove up to Edmonton to see Jen and Ed. The kids honestly weren't that bad. They were just... kids. But, having those swivel-n-go seats that can turn around to face the third row really helped keep both them entertained and happy (for the most part) when they probably would have been annoying and loud and whiny otherwise. And it kept Zack and Zona happy too. Sorry Dad and Obie ;)

We had a really good weekend. We spent the entire afternoon on Saturday in the waterpark at WEM and we followed that up with dinner at Earls in the mall too. Sunday, Jen and I treated the family to a Mother's Day brunch at the Radisson - the spread was really nice. It had everything from scrambled eggs, bacon and french toast, to crab legs, mussels and prime rib. The dessert bar was just as impressive sporting everything from Jello (which as a group I'm sure we ate more than our share) to a chocolate fountain (which again we enthusiastically enjoyed). After we gorged ourselves at brunch we spent the entire afternoon at the Zoo. We've never taken the kids to the zoo before and they both really enjoyed it. I think Rory's favorite animals were the chimpanzee's and thankfully they put on quite a show when we got to their pen. Without a doubt Zack's favorite thing of the day was the ponies. I'm not actually sure if he'd ever seen a horse (or pony) up close before but I have the feeling that they will forever remain a favorite. Like I said, a really good weekend.

Since then, we had Zona's fourth birthday (on the 19th) and her first dance review on (of course) my birthday (my 25th) on the 29th. I joked to mom and dad that I had enjoyed the four year reprieve of not having to be at a dance show on my the day of my birthday but that with my luck I'd never have the night to myself again! It was cute show and she enjoyed doing it and of course, we all enjoyed watching it - especially Zack. It's eerie but the boy watches dance shows the way most other guys watch a football game. I'm already planning on putting him in to some dance classes when he's old enough... hehehehehehehe....

And that, I think, has basically got us caught up. I suppose I could mention that a thunderstorm went through our area this last Tuesday or Wednesday and it brought some pretty nasty hail. It did do quite a bit of damage to some of the crops, but fortunately not as much as was initially feared. For now, like every other year, the fate of our crops is entirely up to chance. We've had a good week now of cooler temperatures and rain, so our water-tables are high. Now we just need to let it grow, and mature and... we'll keep our fingers crossed and pray that everything will work out to the good. And whatever the outcome, next year, we'll do it all over again.

As for me, well, my current crop is growing and is almost mature and if I never have to go through a pregnancy again, it will be too soon. :) The children themselves are blessings, each one of them, I just don't want any more. Three is good. Three is a nice round, happy number... Besides I might just go a wee bit crazy (or crazier depending on your current opinion) if we had more than just the three... TTYL.


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