A Diary of the Last Week or So

Here are some 'diary-type' updates from the last week or so. I started an update on the sixteenth and then again after I got home from the family reunion and then decided I might as well put a few entries together like this for something different... talk to you again soon :)

[July 16 - 08 - Wednesday]
Nine months pregnant, basically, and so friggin' uncomfortable most days that it hurts to breath, to move, to eat and basically do anything else that resembles being awake, alive and otherwise human. Yep, our timing with this pregnancy probably couldn't have been worse. You would think that after the last pregnancy (Zack was due October 9) and being 6-8months pregnant through the summer months then, that I would know NOT to get my self in this situation again, but.... I guess I can't really complain too much. I've only got two weeks at most left before I'm due and the baby is here but man, oh man, if for some stupid reason I end up pregnant again at some point in the future (and I honestly am praying that THAT will never be the case) I better make sure that I'm due during the winter. I really don't want to do the whole summer-preggo-lady-thing again. It really, really sucks and I know that anyone who has ever gone through it can relate.

As for the rest of our lives - well everything is going pretty well. The kids are both enjoying the summer, though even they get frustrated with the heat some days. Obie's working for a new company doing door and window installations (something that he's done before and enjoyed) and I'm trying to wait patiently for this baby to get out of me. Some days not so patiently....

[July 18 - 08 - Friday]
We're just getting all of our stuff packed and ready to go to Maple Creek for a family reunion this weekend. The doctor told me I wasn't in "imminent danger" of going into labor but has said that any traveling might push me there. Part of me hopes he's right and the other part hopes that I'll at least hold out through the weekend. Besides, Obie's told me now that if I'm not actually going to have the baby on his birthday (Aug2 which as you know is also the due date) that "the least I could do" was make sure that the kid would be a Leo like him. You laugh, hell - I laughed, but he's completely serious about this!! That leaves me crossing my legs tight until what, the 22nd? The 23rd??...

[July 21 - 08 - Monday]
We got back from our family reunion (mom's mom's family = the Palmer's) in Maple Creek last night. It was good to see everyone and have a bit of a chance to catch up or just hang out with people. Being pregnant sucked because it limited what activities I could actually do and generally made me physically uncomfortable while camping, but it was still fun to watch the kids playing in the swimming hole, or the adults playing the horse-shoe tournament. And of course it kept me from partaking in the 'grown up' games and activities but then, again, it was still a really good time. I'm already looking forward to the next one in another three years or so! :D

I woke up this morning, at like 5am, with extreme back pain - like the kind you'd have during a bout of hard back labor. Until about 7:30 I hurt so bad that I was whimpering and moaning in my half sleep that Obie woke up a couple of times to ask if I was okay. Once I got out of bed though and refrained from going at all horizontal again for a while, the pain went away and I was mostly fine. Luckily I was able to nap for an hour or so this afternoon to make up for the interrupted sleep... Which was probably a good thing since Obie wants to go to the new Batman movie tonight and I'd like to see it too, but I suppose it'll depend on whether either of us is really awake enough by 9:30-10pm to actually go watch it...

[July 22 - 08 - Tuesday]
Obie and I did go to "The Dark Knight" last night and by the end of the movie both of us were seriously considering going into the hospital. I don't know if it was having to sit in basically one position for three hours, having a full bladder (cause seriously I don't think I've peed that much at once in 6 months), the noise and 'shocks' from watching the movie, or if it was a combination of all of those things but Obie ended up with a couple finger shaped bruises on his forearm from my squeezing during contractions :) When the movie was finally over, and I waddled my fastest to the bathroom for a potty break, I decided to just go home and see what happened. Well, I had that same back pain as yesterday morning until like 3:30am or so before I was finally so exhausted that I was able to sleep through it.

Of course, Chessenda and Arora left this morning to go up to Brandie, Greg and Jerrick's for a few days so I was left home by myself with Zack after about 9am. We ended up going over to mom's this afternoon for her to rub my feet for a while and then we went to the mall and had something to eat at Smitty's. By the time we got back home, Obie was already home from work (good timing on my part, hey:P ) and now they are playing - and watching "Aladdin" - until it's time for the midget to go to bed. As for me now, I'm trying to decide whether I should get myself ready for bed right now so that I can get some sleep, or at least try to, before I get hit with contractions and back pain again tonight....

[July 23 - 08 - Wednesday morning]
I didn't end up going to bed until about midnight last night. I just got caught up chatting with a friend online and then watching "The Hour" on CBC with Obie that I didn't get there sooner then that. Fortunately, or unfortunately since I'm not sure how much longer I want this pregnancy to drag on, I managed to get an almost full nights sleep. I did have some contractions that woke me up around 2am - for about 1/2 an hour - but beyond that it was okay. I am having a couple light contractions now and my back, hips and upper thighs are starting to hurt again but I'm not expecting too much from it. I do have a doctor's appointment again this afternoon so I'll actually get to find out if all the contractions and the back pain have been doing anything to get me closer to actual labor. I've got my fingers crossed that it has :) And just for good measure, I'll knock on wood too. After all, I've finally got my bag packed for going to the hospital, although (and this is a big although) I still haven't got a new car seat for this baby, so maybe I should take care of that today too....


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