Back to School?

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Zona starts school again in less then a week. Kindergarten this year. It's really amazing because it's just like it was yesterday that Obie and I were bringing her home from the hospital and marvelling at how amazing she was. She's still amazing but so much has changed since then.

We've done the trip home from the hospital with a new baby twice more.

We've celebrated 5 years of birthdays.

We've learned so much. Taught each other so much. Discovered so much.

Sometimes, like right now for instance, it's almost unbelievable how much we've all changed. Yet what makes things bearable is realizing and understanding that no matter how much we do change, we've always got one another.

It's also interesting to see how things circle around sometimes too. For instance, I'm heading to school this fall, again. I'm not committing myself to going back full-time or even for longer than just this semester, yet, but I'm going back. I miss school. I'm somewhat worried about how I'll be able to swing University, the kids, Zona's school, Zona and Zack's dance and you know, having a life... I'm sure it's going to be chaotic, a lot of the time, but I've got to try. I want to.

I guess I'll have to keep you posted on that, won't I?
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