Some Days are Harder

Maybe it's a cliche.  Maybe it's common sense.  Maybe it's wishful thinking.  

Whatever it is, it is the truth.  

Some days are just harder than others.  Some mornings you wake up and from the moment you open your eyes everything goes right.  There are no crying children, or broken glasses.  Missing socks and hiding backpacks are non-existent on those days.  Everything goes according to schedule, no one is late or confused or completely absentminded.... And then there are days like today.  

Okay, so nothing has gone horribly, painfully wrong.  Just nothing has really gone well either.  Between the kids fighting more because they are tired and not wanting to do anything at all, and me feeling a bit sick and tired too the morning was something, well, something best forgotten. :(  The afternoon hasn't been that stellar so far either.

In anycase, I guess I can only hope that tomorrow is better.  Or at the very least, that it's not any worse.


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