Gymnastics (Updates) and Grandparents

So remember back in September when I mentioned that I was going to get my certification to become a gymnastics coach?  And remember when I mentioned at the beginning of October that I’d headed up to Edmonton for the first weekend of training to do that?..  Things have been going really well with that. Just in case you’re curious.  And I am now a recreational gymnastics coach at our local club.
As of Oct.29 I started teaching 2 parent & tot (18-23month old) classes and on Nov.2 I took on a third class with 4-year-olds.  It’s really fun actually and even though I wasn’t sure how well I’d like teaching the little tiny tots, I’ve discovered that I actually do like it, a lot.  I also spent my Saturday afternoon this past weekend coaching birthday parties.  Which was also really, really fun.
And while we’re on the topic of gymnastics… the kids are all doing really well in their own classes.  Baby is getting better at following instructions and doing what she’s been asked, while the Boy is still having a blast doing his classes.  I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this about him before or not- but for a kid that can and will trip over the invisible lines on the ground while he’s walking down a hallway, he is surprisingly graceful and has excellent balance during gymnastics.  It’s something of a marvel to me.  And Princess? She is doing really, really awesome.  She’s improving in leaps and bounds and has acquired several new skills since September – most notably, she can do half a back-walkover unassisted, and a full back-walkover with some assistance.  Really she’s doing great!
We also celebrated my parent’s anniversary this last Friday (they are of course also known as Grandma and Grandpa).  We went out for dinner at the Keg (dad’s choice) and ate a really wonderful meal.  The kids even got into the spirit of the event and each contributed something as a gift – the Boy and Baby drew pictures of Grandma and Grandpa, and both the Boy and Princess colored pictures for them too.  It was a nice night, good dinner and a wonderful way to (quietly) celebrate 34 years of marriage.
Grandma & Grandpa during the summer at Cousin J's

Grandma and Grandpa at the Keg for 34th Anniversary
 All in all, it's been a mostly peaceful week and everything that we have going on went really well.  
So until next time, and with Love - 


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