The Ferris Winter Sport

Summer sports and activities have always been a cinch in our family - swimming, rafting, hiking, biking, camping, etc... There's never been a shortage of things to do or new things to try during the summer.  But Winter - those long, cold months that (especially in Canada) can seem to stretch endlessly on, have consistently posed a problem.

The kids enjoy tobogganing, especially at the farm, and sledding usually includes some minor fort and snowman building, but that only uses up a couple hours and while it can be fun Heli Dad and I only enjoy this type of cold day play for short bursts.  Not to mention that the kids inevitably argue over the best sleds, the best method of building a snow home, or the correct and best way to accessorize the snow people.  And those are just arguments that neither Heli Dad or I want to stick our (by then) freezing noses into.

We've tried ice skating... A couple times.  Princess liked it right off.  Gamer Boy eventually decided it wasn't bad, even though he never really figured out how to stop. Heli Dad and I, and Grandma & Grandpa enjoy a rousing game of Hockey with or against the kids.  But Angel Face??? There are 6 months of torture (while attempting lessons) that neither she nor I will ever be able to get back. Or over.  No I don't think we'll ever really be able to move past that experience.

But folks, I think we've finally found the winner... Skiing!!!

(And we're all just going to hope Angel Face forgets about that tree... And that Heli Dad forgets about having to chase and then carry Angel Face down the hill... But Grandpa best remember he no longer has his own ski boots...)
Princess, Gamer Boy & Angel Face - Day 2 of Skiing

Grandma & Grandpa - Day 2 of Skiing

Heli Dad & Writer Mom - Day 2 of Skiing


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