Swimmer, Swimmer & Football

Swimming is one of few activities that everyone in our family almost always enjoys. I personally love swimming, both as a fun activity and for exercise, and as my kids have been growing up its been one thing I've been pretty insistent on them learning to do safely and properly. (Especially as rafting/boating is one of Heli-Dads very favorite summertime activities with the kids!) Vistas like this are a daily find and you know, I LOVE that they love it so much.

Swimming lessons have been one of the kids key summer programs over the years and this summer is no exception. This year Princess and Angel Face have elected to continue lessons after school starts too so they will be logging pool hours like crazy this fall. Actually we probably all will be at the pool a lot because the kids convinced grandma to spring for a swim pass for the family and they are determined we will use it atleast once a week, if not more. 

While the girls will be swimming (and possibly more) this fall, Gamer Boy has decided to try a new sport this season. 


Yep, my scrawny, little, generally uncoordinated boy has decided on football for his first foray into team sports. There have been a couple practices already and so far Gamer Boy is loving it. I suppose this momma is just going to have to wait and see what the final consensus is at the end of the season.  And while I may be on the sidelines shaking my head and biting my nails, I couldn't be more proud of him for putting himself out there, trying so damn hard and still enjoying it while getting knocked on his ass over and over again.  So... Go Cougars?!?! 

So I've gotta run... Well not run but you know, bye! 


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