The Corner Table Family Roadtrips

Life in our house is an ever-changing whirlwind. It is almost always busy, sometimes to the point of chaos. There’s a lot of crazy, a good dose of fun, and the occasional bad times, which are generally offset by good ones. One thing that is a constant is that life is always interesting.

When the kids were young(er) chaos at our house often took the form of rampaging toddlers, mysterious stains, magically appearing messes, completely edible un-eatable meals, tantrums, tears and tiredness to the point of exhaustion. Now, well now we deal with sullen pre-teens, arguments over chores, play-dates, sleepovers and electronic play-time. We drive ourselves crazy driving to football, swimming, basketball, badminton, school functions, friends houses and the mall. Our schedules often look a kaliedscope and sometimes so conflicting that it feels like we need a time-machine just to manage it all.

But there are some times when we get a break from it all. Some times when we’re able to get away and forget about all the everyday insanity we live with…

I bring to you snippets of our Easter Holiday’s Weekend Roadtrip.


We left home around supper time on Thursday night to make the 5 hour drive north to visit Big Sis (and family) and Little Sister for the weekend.  It was a bit of a double-whammy weekend because it worked out that it was Genie's birthday weekend too. As you can see she makes a very lovely Flower Fairy and that she and her princessy big sister loved spending time with Gamer Boy while we were there!

Now while some family traditions just can't be transferred from place to place, there are some parts of the traditions that are easy (ish) to make happen no matter where we are. Which is how we all ended up taking a turn coloring Easter Eggs on Friday evening.  And when Sunday rolled around, the bunnies (or at the least the bunny ears) came out to play!

But of course, the fun weekend couldn't last forever. Monday afternoon we all loaded into the SUV for the trip home. Somehow I ended up sitting in the very back seat with Gamer Boy - where I discovered that through his friends (and schoolteacher) he's discovered the wonders of music by Queen, AC/DC and Stone Temple Pilots... So in the end I thoroughly enjoyed the drive home and listening to music with my boy. And when we got home we were very enthusiastically greeted by Jude and Sphinx, whom we were all very happy to see survived the weekend without us and managed to do so without destroying the house.


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