Another New Year and New Adventures to Come

The fall slipped past us all in a rush, filled with a variety of uncertainties, discoveries, excitement, fun and hope. We were busy - oh boy, were we busy, but our down time really was spent together and taking care of one another. We lucked out not to suffer to often or to greatly with any illnesses and despite some occasional aches and pains stemming from workplace or sport injuries, Heli Dad and all the kids made it through to the holiday season healthy, happy and intact. 

As for me… Well, I told you all last spring that Heli Dad and I had finally decided to take a leap and try to conceive again. In the end it didn’t take too terribly long for it to happen either. In early September we began to consider the possibility that we may be pregnant again and by the later half of the month we had it confirmed - we were indeed growing another addition to the family. Because of my history with early term miscarriages and rough pregnancies, we told no one except our closest family members, and one or two of our closest friends until we had safely passed through the first trimester. 

Now here I am sitting at 22 weeks pregnant: excited, sort of scared and occasionally wondering what Heli Dad and I were thinking when we were considering having more kids. Mostly I’m excited and looking forward to having a little baby again, the truth is that those days when the kids were babies and toddlers - hard as they were - were some of the very best I’ve ever had. Add in the kids growing excitement that they really are going to have a baby sibling, and Heli Dad’s near giddiness with the upcoming birth, and I’m not sure anything could top how I’m feeling (emotionally) at the moment. Except for maybe that moment when my new baby is actually placed in my arms. ;-) ...Which should be occurring in early to mid-May!!

Of course it hasn’t been smooth sailing. My rough, youthful pregnancy trend continued in my (slightly) older age. In many ways this pregnancy has been smoother - I haven’t been vomitous quite so much, but in other ways it’s been almost worse - extreme nausea, excessive fatigue, etc. Part of that is my older age, part is the long break since my last pregnancy, part is genetic, and part is the difference in my pre-pregnancy health. Several aspects of this pregnancy have closely resembled the previous ones: considerable weight loss during the first 4(ish) months, general good moods, and overall perfect pregnancy health. So all in all, I honestly can’t complain too much. 

But life over the last several months hasn’t just been about this pregnancy, as I said we actually have been busy. The kids have been involved in a variety of sports unceasingly since the middle of August. In fact, the last week and a half has been the first break we’ve had from practices, games and tournaments, since the football began in August. 

Gamer Boy played an impressive season of football this year, playing on both the defensive and offensive lines! He managed to make a few game saving tackles, was part of a couple deceptive running plays, and helped lead his team to a pretty amazing season. 

Angel Face joined her siblings in their athletic endeavours this year by joining the local indoor soccer league. She’s having fun, learning and making some new friends amongst her teammates. I can’t say that she’s the best player on her team, I’m not sure I would even say that she’s one of the better players, but she tries hard, has fun, and that’s really all we ask. Soccer season is about half done now but the second half is undoubtedly more busy then the first half was.

Princess played on one of her junior high volleyball teams early in the fall. She and all the girls of her team were brand new to the sport, and most of them were really sad to begin with. But they played hard, with their hearts, and they learned, and by the end of the season their growth was markedly apparent and their skills were vastly improved - leading many of us parents to believe that over the next couple years our girls will in fact become a team not to be messed with. Once volleyball was wrapped up, basketball began immediately. Again on one of the junior high teams, Princess and her teammates all have at least one previous season of play under their belts. They are young and thus still learning, but they are already pretty skilled - some more then others, and already we can see where their strengths lie and the type of team they will eventually become. it’s going to be pretty great!

Over the past couple weeks we’ve managed to see nearly all of our extended family, and had the chance to spend some quality time with them. We’ve also had the chance to spend time with friends - some that we see regularly, other’s that we only see every few months. All in all, we’ve had a great holiday season and still have a few more days to enjoy… Which I’m going to go and do right now! 

So here’s hoping you had a decently good autumn, a happy holiday and that you’re excited and looking forward to this new year we’ve just begun!! 


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