My Weekend and Planning a Boy's BDay Party

So the Boy really wanted a party with  a Bouncy House-thing which, unless I were to rent just a bouncy house, means the YMCA… again.  There’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve attended parties there that were fun and done well, but last year when we had the Boy’s party there we were really dissatisfied with the service, accommodations and “games” that we received.  The kids still had fun but considering the vast differences between what we’d been promised and what we actually got, we didn’t feel we got our money’s worth.  So… no YMCA.

The Boy at 1-year-old

Instead the Boy and I discussed things and decided on doing a movie party.  He was especially stoked for the idea when we discovered that Cars 2 (the “most awesome and cool movie ever!”) would be playing! So details on how that all goes will come later… (only a couple more days!)

This last weekend I went to Edmonton and stayed with Jen and Ed (the “most awesome and cool” big sister and brother[in-law] ever!) and spent most of my Saturday and Sunday doing a course so that I can be certified to teach gymnastics. (Gymnastics, you say? Why yes, after 12+ years of not really doing anything with that extensive education I got as a child, I finally thought – well, why the heck not use it for something!)  It was an interesting course, full of interesting people taking it, and I’m really happy that I decided to do it.  I’ve got 10 weeks of assistant coaching to do and then another weekend of classes and then I’ll be able to coach.  Yay! 

While not in class I spent time with Jen and Ed – watching Jen paint her front door, listening to Ed play video games, watching some really funny videos (thank you for that Ed and I’m going to have to look for the links to those so I can show the Husband!), talking and going out for dinner.  We hit this really cool Mexican restaurant downtown, which was really good – even though I didn’t try the “life-changing” fish tacos – and went to this little cupcake place that had really, really good cupcakes… Even though I managed to forget to eat my left over cupcakes on Sunday morning.  (Hopefully someone enjoyed them when they woke up!)

It was a good weekend.  It was fun.  And I look forward to seeing them again, hopefully next time without the time constraints.  And next time I fully intend to eat both cupcakes… And maybe try the tacos.  Maybe.  Until then I’ve got a little boy’s birthday party to get organized, a bunch of blogs to update, groceries to buy, and a husband to spend time with before he disappears back to Fort McMurray for work.


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